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TikiTinky is extremely proud to offer you perhaps one of the most unusual designs to-date from long time Tiki Farm contributing artist... Scott “Flounder” Scheidly... “The Glutton”! 

As you will note here with The Glutton, he is an absolute fan of his libations! He comes at you with a double-fisted attitude, tongue wagging and X-eyed as a result of his debaucherous ways! As a result of his debauchery, The Glutton is a bit “green-in-the-face” and then some! But, he’s ready for you and more than capable and really excited about your intended use for him. The Glutton is a huge fan of rum-soaked crafted cocktails, though his appearance might appear more like a Fireball is in order! Don’t let him fool you. Buy him and find out for yourself!

Artist: Flounder
Original release year: 2022 
Capacity: 22 oz. 
Material: Ceramic stoneware 
Height: 6 3/8" 

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